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1. How much per mile?
Our deliveries are not priced on a per mile basis. We price based on a combination of time, miles, and urgency. Please call us or request a quote for the most accurate price estimate.

2. How can I pay? 
Once your order is delivered to your expectations we will send a confirmation email, this email will contain a link to pay online with any major credit card. We also offer Net 30 monthly billing for recurring customers who prefer to be invoiced.

3. Can you deliver ________?

Probably! We can pick up, drop off, deliver, ship, or transfer something as small as a single document to a van load of almost anything. We love meeting new challenges and look forward to hearing from you. Please don’t hesitate to call and ask.

4. What if I need something picked up or delivered at a specific time? 
We strive to be flexible and accommodate all of our client’s needs. If you have specific drop off or pick up windows please communicate that to us as soon as possible. Our ability to accommodate short windows depends on the location and routes of our drivers on any given day.

5. What areas do you cover?
We cover the Front Range from the Fort Collins area to the Castle Rock area and all metro areas in between. We have limited service west of Golden/Boulder and east of Greeley/Brighton. 

6. What if I need to cancel my order?
We ask that you cancel with as much advanced notice as possible by calling 303.819.7904. We understand that things change and we are happy to accommodate these situations, in some cases where a driver has spent significant time or miles toward your job we may assess a charge for the time spent. Please contact us immediately to discuss.

7. Is my shipment insured?
Absolutely! Please contact us if you have specific questions or concerns.

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